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Take Me Out to the Ballpark for a Big Birthday Bash


Did you know that today marks the day – March 22, 1938 – that Samsung was born?

So to celebrate this anniversary, let’s visit the Korean city of Daegu where Samsung was born to enjoy a ballgame with the city’s favorite team, the Samsung Lions, at their brand-new ballpark.



The Samsung Lions, a professional baseball team that plays in the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO), opened their newly constructed stadium in Daegu last weekend with a ceremonial exhibition game. The opening attracted 25,000 baseball fans eager to get a first look at the team’s new digs before the season begins next month. Today, another warm-up game will be played at the Daegu Samsung Lions Park, which happens to coincide with Samsung’s anniversary.


Samsung Lions Daegu baseball stadium_009


A quick history lesson: The city of Daegu is where Samsung was established in 1938 as a small trading company that sold noodles (top left); the previous home ground of the Samsung Lions, also in Daegu and used by the baseball club from its inception in 1982 through to the 2015 season, had grown insufficient for the team’s requirements (right); with support from Samsung, construction of a new ballpark in Daegu began in 2012 and took 40 months to complete (left) .


Samsung Lions Daegu baseball stadium_03


The new stadium boasts a footprint of over 46,000 square meters with a capacity for 29,000 spectators. Down on the playing surface, the distance from home plate to the center-field fence is 122 meters and 99 meters from home to the right-field fence.


Samsung Lions Daegu baseball stadium_04


The stadium features a host of great facilities for spectators, including its enormous scoreboard.  The screen is not only large, at 36 meters wide by 20.2 meters high, but its LED screen packs in 19 million pixels. This makes it crispy clear for viewing in any weather conditions including the searing sunshine of bright summer afternoons.


Samsung Lions Daegu baseball stadium_05


Crowds can also get closer to the action. At first and third bases, spectators in the front row are just 18.3 meters from the play, close enough to hear the ‘thwomp’ of ball on leather as the baseball gets sucked into the fielder’s glove.


Samsung Lions Daegu baseball stadium_011


Although spectators can get an up-close experience of the action on the diamond, away from the playing field they needn’t be overly close to other punters in the grandstands, thanks to comfortable seating layout that offers wider seats and increased legroom of 85cm between rows.


Samsung Lions Daegu baseball stadium_07


Due to its spectator-friendly design, 80% of seats remain in the shade on sunny days while 40% of seats remain covered for those hard-core fans who stay on to support the Lions even when it rains. The concourse is designed with views of the diamond so fans don’t miss out on a big play when buying food and drinks.


Samsung Lions Daegu baseball stadium_02


The players are also well looked after in this new facility, including modern training and recovery facilities as well as their well-appointed players lounge (above).


Samsung Lions Daegu baseball stadium_08


The Samsung Lions will officially begin the 2016 KBO season at their new home ground in Daegu on April 1 and will be hoping to add to their impressive collection of championship banners. For more information, visit





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